Hospital Detailed


Private Dental Istanbul Oral and Dental Clinic in September 2010 in the Esenyurt district of Istanbul on the European side was founded condo. is requires oral and dental health of complicated treatments, so dental coordinated the necessity of the work of all branches of medicine in the belief that bringing together the branching professional and experienced medical staff in their respective fields, multidisciplinary advanced treatment by arranging treatment programs aimed at providing maximum hygienic conditions.

Dental Istanbul; In todays conditions have taken the latest technologies developed in-house dental health in the world, it has presented the clinical room service and designing in accordance with the specific objectives for the various treatment options. quality and qualified medical approach to the material used in the treatment you receive by keeping the continuity of patient satisfaction, adopted in the context of the patients aesthetic expectations ignored as an integral part of modern treatment. Innovative management is conscious of Istanbul and dental practitioners, closely followed scientific studies, value to the industry by combining quality services with social projects and programs continue to add.

Our clinic; under management were firsts, young, dynamic and experienced medical staff, experienced staff and to be an exclusive health center that focuses on people with innovative service concept, our service personalized special to our patients, continuous tracking, appointment scheduling, payment scheduling, treatment processes before and after the briefing, it is concerned with the satisfaction and comfort of our patients. Besides modern treatment services that we offer family atmosphere and friendliness that has brought transparency, it is the most important example in our country of Dentistry.


  • Café
  • Free Wifi
  • Restaurant
  • TV in the room

Spoken Languages

  • English
  • العربية
  • Pусский